Sample Workout #1…Conditioning

Seated Machine Leg Extension3 rounds12-15 toes out
Machine Lying Leg Curl3 rounds8-10 toes in, middle and out
Superset of 3 rounds
Burpee3 rounds15 reps
Decline Sit Up3 rounds 15 reps
Superset of 3 rounds
Double Kettlebell Swings3 rounds15 reps(can do w 1)
Cable Squat Rows3 rounds15 reps(set cable near ground)

Sample Workout #2…Legs

Superset of 3 rounds
Dumbbell Walking Lunges3 rounds15 each side
Hip Thrusts3 rounds
Mountain Climbers3 sets50 reps
Walk Out to Push Up on Swiss Ball3 sets15(don’t wipe!)
Dumbbell Step Ups3 sets15 rep (Finish each side)
Dumbbell Reverse Lunges3 sets15 rep (Finish each side)
Machine Seated Hip Adduction3 rounds
GLUTE Hip Abductor machine3 rounds
Jumping Rope1 set2-6min