Post Rehab Routines Page 

Post Rehab Packages $299/8 weeks
I am not a doctor or physical therapist. The routines that follow are for when you are dismissed
from your doctor and physical therapist’s care. I do not and cannot diagnose your condition as that
is the doctor’s responsibility. If you choose to select one of these routines without seeing a doctor
first, you are adding potential risk of injury. By you selecting a program, you are acknowledging that risk.
I have seen and worked with more than a thousand clients/members/friends/family throughout my career.
I do know the longer you have been alive, the more chance you have to injure yourself. Often these injuries
may be felt daily, or when engaging in a fun physical activity. I have witnessed many folks modify or
quit the activity they love because nobody has shown them how to get better. I am here to change that as
I have changed that for many years.
-Knees   Patella Femoral Syndrome, Jumper’s Knee, Sub Patella Pain, IT Band Syndrome
-Shoulders   AC Joint Pain, Sore Shoulders when lifting, rotator cuff surgery
-Arms   Medial/Lateral Epicondilitis (aka golfer’s/tennis elbow), Tricep/Elbow Tendon Pain, Stubborn Arm Growth
-Hips/Low Back    Low Back Stiffness, Unstable/Episodic Back issues, Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Potential/Avoiding Hip Surgery
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