The Growing Trend of Virtual Training in Corporate World

The Growing Trend of Virtual Training in Corporate World

At one point of time, instructor led corporate training sessions were the norm. The instructor and the trainees were required to arrive at the same physical space and there used to be face to face interaction, throughout the session. But today, this trend is rapidly becoming an archaic one. Virtual training is now taking over, with more and more organizations preferring it over the classic instructor led method.

Why instructor led training is not popular anymore

Even though this kind of training still exists in quite a few organizations, but its popularity has been declining. Now, this method truly has its perks. The biggest one is the kind of interactive experience it gives – since the participants are all interacting face to face with the trainer. Nothing can match the effectiveness of it. But, it also has a few major disadvantages.

The first is, the classic training method requires a lot of time. The trainer and the trainees have to spend time on commutes to reach a particular training spot. Also, the process of setting up a training environment takes up quite a bit of time too. With virtual training these can be easily avoided.

The second reason is distance. Today, most organizations work with a global network of professionals. Which means, not everyone will be geographically close. With traditional instructor led training, the professionals would be required to bear the hassle of travelling from different parts of the world. On the other hand, with virtual training, one can connect to anyone in any part of the world, as long as there’s an internet connection!

The third reason is cost. Virtual training can lead to massive cost savings, as there’s no need for commute, lodging for trainees, refreshments, stationeries and even an elaborate training setup. Everything can be shared via the Cloud, online. This reduces the organization’s training costs, and hence traditional training is losing out in popularity.

Overall, virtual training and learning is changing the game for most organizations. In fact, the bigger the organization, the more it has to gain from switching to virtual training methods. This trend is on an upward rise, and is expected to completely transform today’s corporate world into a thriving global, connected and much more effective platform!

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