Genius Virtual Training



    Genius Virtual Training prides itself in being a well-rounded fitness service. Now, you can alter your workout routine based on your schedule. Our Virtual workouts are a blend of the best fitness programs with amenities designed to adjust space and timings, at your home or your gym, along with a perfect Nutrition Plan for everyone.

    Offering a motivating variety, our services are the most suitable addition to your fitness goal. You can workout solo, with a friend or your team, with our very own App. We are always ready to communicate to address any ongoing concerns. Try some prenatal exercises, or help to rehabilitate your torn rotator cuff with distinct post-injury workouts, get rid of that extra fat, get stronger or simply work out with us. Let us do the thinking and planning for you. Genius Virtual Training has a solution for all your fitness goals and issues. To find out more about our world of Fitness, sign up with Genius Virtual Training.